「This is not just a hotel」


「 It represents the vast diversity of French aesthetics」

with every single plate, lamp and corner, the pursuit of the utmost experience for beauty


La mode se démode, le style jamais.

-CoCo Chanel

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「Hello, I am your personal concierge Audia」

「Welcome to 《 hôtel le hôme 樂居  •  微風 》

How may I assist you today?」


This various forms of French aesthetics,

It’s not just a place for you to stay,

But where you feel a connection in this city。

Spring of 1977 

「She always seem lazy when she wakes up in the morning. Her hair is fluffy and she dressed casually,talking about arts and life with her girlfriend.」

「two single bed」


「This is their personal space」

​Bestie is a must

She seems cold and distant」


「A touch of red lips and fingertips vaguely reveal her passion and love, as if men all over the world fall in love with her.

​「Double bed that never separates.」

She said that love makes you blind, what do you think?

「A relaxing afternoon in Paris」


「Coffee, work, Afternoon tea and daydreaming」

​If you’re fortunate enough. Maybe, you will meet her in person.

「Relax and chill」

「Understand and be yourself is fashion,

What suits you the most is the trend」

Who said that an extra bed can’t be beautiful? 


「The Parisian girl is a unique existence. She doesn’t only belong in France, but in the beauty of ideology and philosophy of life.」


「Hiding in the streets of Taipei, it’s not only a place for you to stay, but a shelter where you will feel connected to in this city.」

It’s worth for you to come pamper yourself

And looking forward to meeting and what might happen in the future


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